Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chalkboards...not just for the classroom anymore

Over the years I've attended numerous parties and weddings...and I've always left with a handful of programs, menus, place cards, and other unnecessary items that eventually get thrown out. It got me to thinking about new ideas to cut back the over paper consumption at an event. After a bit of research, I am pleasantly surprised and extremely excited about a new trend that's getting a lot of attention. Chalkboards!!!!
Move over teachers, you're not the only ones who get to marvel at the joy of chalk....
How about using a large chalkboard for your seating chart? Not only will you save a ton of paper, you'll have a great time with this DIY project. Thankfully chalk comes in a variety of colors, so you can keep within your color scheme and add in some personal details as well. It's the perfect excuse to invite your artistic friends over for a Chalk Party! ;-)

And take a look at this clever idea I found in InStyle Weddings, Spring 2009. You can use these adorable mini chalkboards for your table numbers and skip the paper ones all together.

Imagine all the possibilities...
Use a chalkboard to showcase your menu to the guests, like this funky setting I found at Wedding by Color. Or choose a vintage frame like this one by OliveRue at to point your guests in the right direction.
I also stumbled upon these amazing items by Chalkboard China, out of Dallas, TX. We love them for their commitment to using re-purposed materials, and for their quirky and stylish selection of chalkboard goods.
Think about an event with NO paper products, only snazzy chalkboards. You'll save money, save the planet, and offer some interesting conversation for your guests. I love it!

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