Monday, December 21, 2009

Want some Good Luck for 2010?

Happy Monday everybody! With the new year quickly approaching, it's time to reflect back on the past year...and more importantly, look forward at the upcoming year! If you're like most people I know, you are probably ready for this year to be over. And as we move into 2010...wouldn't you like to be prepared? Wouldn't you like to do everything in your power to make sure 2010 is the best year yet? Well look no further...I've gathered a few of my all-time favorite New Year's traditions that are sure to bring you whatever you're hoping for in the new year.
Starting off with my favorite, Blackeyed Peas (and I mean the ones you eat). This is a tradition that my husband and I have done for years. Blackeyed Peas have long been a Southern tradition for the New Years table. They supposedly bring good luck for the coming year, and eating them shows "humility". Most people cook them with a ham hock or ham bone, but we like ours with onions, garlic and mushrooms. And if you sprinkle some chives (or anything green) on top...this will bring you good fortune too!
This next tradition is too good not to share (and one I will definitely be partaking in). In Mexico, Brazil, and many other Latin countries...people wear specific colors of underwear, according to their new years wish. Yellow underwear is supposed to bring you good fortune and MONEY!

Red underwear is said to bring you good luck, Pink will bring you luck in LOVE and White underwear will bring you good health. Or...if you need good luck in all areas of your life, perhaps you should invest in a pair of multi-colored underwear. ;-)

Another unique tradition is the Anos Viejos (Old Years) in Ecuador. Elaborate effigies are created to represent people and events from the past year. The dummies are made of straw, newspaper, and old clothes, with papier-mâché masks. Often they are also stuffed with fire crackers. At midnight the effigies are lit on fire to symbolize burning away of the past year and welcoming of the New Year.

A popular tradition in many Latin countries is eating 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight. One grape for every stroke of the clock to represent each month in the year. Each grape is said to bring good luck in the new year. I wonder if drinking wine counts?

And finally, Puerto Rico. In this lively country, children throw pails of water out their windows at midnight. They believe that this rids their home of any evil spirits!

As you can see, there are many ways to ensure good luck for the new year! Every country does it a little bit differently, but overall...we're all shooting for the same thing.

So for 2010, I wish you a happy and healthy year filled with lots of luck, love, and good fortune! Come New Years, you can find me eating blackeyed peas and grapes and wearing red & yellow underwear. And if it's around midnight, i suggest staying clear of my windows! :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! xoxo Carlee

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Green 35 Under 35 - San Diego News Network

San Diego is on its way to becoming a leader in the clean technology economy, and many of these companies are being started by people under 35. We want to thank our friend Valerie Middleton, of San Diego News Network, for including Green with Envy Events in her article - The Green 35 under 35. We are honored to be mentioned with such an impressive group of individuals! Check out the article here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Make your holidays Green!

Happy Monday everyone! This cold, rainy weather in San Diego has put me in the holiday spirit. This year, for the first time ever I've decided to send E-cards as our holiday cards (with the exception of a few grandmas who don't have email addresses:). Not only does this eliminate's a whole lot cheaper, and just as effective. Along with this simple, Eco-friendly solution, there are hundreds of other ways to GREEN your holidays. Here are some of my personal faves:

Happy Hanukkah! Check out these cool menorahs I found- The first one is made from 100%Recycled Glass by Vertige Glass. They also do Christmas Trees! And for you techies out there, check out this battery powered LED Motherboard menorah offered at This Eco-menorah brings new meaning to The Festival of Lights!

And for those traditionalists who still like to burn too can be nice to the earth with with these 100% beeswax, hand dipped, Hanukkah candles from The Jewish Museum. These natural candles are paraffin and toxin free, so they require no petroleum products, and will burn slowly with little smoke or odor. Now that’s bright!

And one of my favorite Hanukkah traditions...chocolate coins, or Gelt. Try these fair-trade chocolates from Divine Chocolate. They are even stamped with fair trade messages. Now you don't need to feel guilty eating gelt.

There are so many ways to Green your Christmas, but I want to focus on one amazing company here in San Diego. Adopt a Christmas Tree, founded by Christine McDannell of Cleanology, offers live potted trees that are delivered by singing, dancing elves.

Once the holidays are over, they will pick up your tree too! We all know it’s a lot of fun to have a tree to decorate your home for the holidays, but it’s also comforting to know that the little tree in your living room will have a long life ahead of it. It won’t end up as mulch or in a landfill, but planted back into the earth immediately after the holidays. With almost a dozen different types and sizes of trees, there's something for everyone. Now your family can share the fragrant smell and festive look of a live tree in your living room–without feeling guilty?
If you're like most people I know, you'll probably go to your fair share of holiday parties this year...which means you'll most likely be celebrating with cocktails and wine. This year, how about choosing wines that are produced responsibly. Whole Foods has created this helpful list of the Top 10 Wines that are not only nice to the earth, but also nice to your wallet.

And now you can ring in the New Year in Organic fashion with these delicious organic champagnes & ciders. First off we have Blanquette de Limoux Brut. Considered the world's first sparkling wine, this vegan and organically sourced wine dates as far back as 1531 and can be yours for $34. Next up, try this biodynamic cider - 03 Eric Bordelet Normandy Sydre Doux. This sparkling cider explodes with ripe, freshly crushed apple notes and is only $13/bottle. And lastly, Reggiano Secco Solo. This $12/bottle biodynamic sparkling red holds an opaque ruby color over an effervescent texture. Find these, and other organic champagnes and ciders at The Daily Green.

So raise a glass to old friends and new beginnings, and make your holidays a sustainable celebration! And if your New Year's resolution includes "Going Green", check out 10 ways to Go Green and Save Green, presented by The Worldwide Institute. I hope you all have a wonderfully Green holiday season! xoxo Carlee

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strong Green Roots

Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm sitting in my office, working away...listening to one of my favorite groups - The Roots!

I want to take a moment to celebrate this ground-breaking hip-hop group not only for their insane musical talent, but for their strong roots in the Environmental movement!!!! The group hosted a Pre-Grammy Jam & Green Carpet Bash this year, inviting fellow artists and friends to jam with them and raise awareness about green issues. As part of that event, they partnered with youth-focused green group Global Inheritance to promote composting by giving away specially designed and autographed compost bins.


The band members are also animal lovers, working with PETA on a campaign to "Stop the Violence: Go Veg. Even though they hail from Philly, I'm guessing they are not too happy about their newest quarterback...Michael Vick! :)

So today Green with Envy Events is celebrating The Roots! They're one of the best hip hop groups of all time, they're super cool, and they support GREEN! Whats not to LOVE?