Monday, October 31, 2011

Eco-Monday: Time to turn your clothes green

I recently noticed the popularity that "green" laundry detergent has gained in the consumer world as well as the multiple  news articles and blogs it has been featured in. Interested in figuring out what the buzz was all about I did some research and compiled a few reasons why you might want to look into creating your own laundry detergent. 

1. Common laundry detergents contain a multitude of chemicals that are released into the environment through the rinse cycle or also through the loss of particles, stuck in your clothing,  throughout the day. 

2. The chemicas used in laundry detergents are often not non-toxic, biodegradable or pant-derived and therefore act as pollutants to the environment. 

3. Many people can have adverse reactions to laundry detergents due to the intense nature of the cleaning materials. 

So if you would like to experiment with purchasing some eco-friendly laundry detergents you can try resources such as Melaleuca or Seventh Generation

You can also learn how to make your own detergent here:

1/2 cup washing soda. 
1/2 cup borax. 
1 cup bar soap, grated (many use Fels Naptha)
It is so simple. Combine the three ingredients and you're done! Use 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent for front loading washers and 2 tablespoons for top loading washers. Store your detergent it in a zip-loc container or mason jar for added appeal and you can wash up to 38 loads!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Friday: Halloween Spectacular

If you are anything like me, you have yet to buy your Halloween costume and will most likely be rushing through a thrift store tomorrow morning. Well, to save you the hassle of thinking too hard to determine what would be fun and creative, I have compiled a couple of my favorite Halloween costume ideas so far this year. Happy shopping and have a fun weekend! 

Kid's Costumes

Audrey Hepburn =)

Baby Candy Corn

Where the Wild Things Are

Particularly cute if you decide to dress yourself up as the chef!

Family Costumes

Classic BLT 

Pixar's UP!

Couple Costumes

Mary Poppins

Alice in Wonderland 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eventful Wednesday: Nestination India Re-Cap

After crunching all the numbers, the Nest board of DC's raised just under $8,000 for the women of India at their fundraiser on October 14th. We were truly able to turn the event space into a fantastic outdoor cocktail party that combined delicious food, great entertainment, and tons of educational information. Dr. Virander K. Paul, Minister of Press and Information for the Indian Embassy, was in attendance that evening and happily shared information regarding the success micro-financing has brought to the country of India. Rebecca Kousky, founder of Nest, shared powerful story about her inspiration for partnering with Indian women and truly demonstrated the heart behind the event. We would love to thank City Dance Conservatory and Dhoonya Dance for their wonderful performances that evening as well as Indique Heights for their delicious traditional food and unique venue. Enjoy the photos!

hand crafted items sold at the vibrant market

items featured at the silent auction

delicious traditional food made by Indique Heights

Meredith looks wonderful with her tradition bindi and henna

This information station described how the Indian women produced Ikat fabric

City Dance Conservatory

Dhoonya Dance

Monday, October 24, 2011

Eco-Monday: DC Central Kitchen

Today we are taking a look at a unique type of recycling that has a huge pay back: food recycling. As a student from the University of Maryland it it often discouraging to me the amount of food that is thrown away on a daily basis from our school cafeteria or restaurant. Recently, I have learned about an amazing non-profit organization called DC Central Kitchen which combines food reclamation and production to turn recovered food into hearty meals for 26 communities throughout America. And if this wasn't sweet enough, the entire production runs on "Student Power". By partnering with high schools, colleges, and universities, DC Central Kitchen is able to use their kitchen space and employ the helping hands of thousands of youth volunteers. 
According to their website: "The best part is that students run the whole show. They plan the menus, get the food, run the cooking shifts, organize the drivers, and teach culinary skills to unemployed adults. Then, they keep track of all of the paperwork (so we know everything’s being done safely), organize fundraisers, develop curriculum, and recruit new students to get involved. They accomplish an incredible amount of work every day."  
The Campus Kitchen Project is only one branch of the total outreach effort DC Central Kitchen has taken on in their mission to use food as a means to combat the interconnected problems of poverty, hunger, and homelessness. To read more about their programs, volunteer, or get involved visit their website here

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Friday: Design your own Dessert Bar

Have you ever been to a wedding and some how you missed the cake? Or maybe, like my good friend Lexie, you just don't like cake. I have been keeping my eye on some great ideas of how to make the dessert portion of your wedding fun and interactive. The bride and groom can have a blast combining sweet treats from their childhood or take a sophisticated route by classing up some classic elements. Just by adding small baggie or to-go containers you can transform your dessert bar into a customized favor station. 

Have fun tying together the color pallet of your wedding with your unique dessert bar

Chocolate and browns are always great for a groom inspired dessert bar 

I couldn't resist showcasing this GREEN dessert bar

This fun ice cream inspired dessert bar adds some nostalgic bliss

Having a winter wedding?

A warm cookie and milk cocktail anyone?

This just made my heart sing. A hot chocolate bar with assorted toppings

 What a great way to class up an old campfire treat! This dessert bar is truly making s'more for everyone.

xoxo Have a good weekend

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Friday: A new type of flower

 In the spirit of staying green, today we wanted to share with you some great photos and DIY tutorials on how to create felt or fabric flowers. Not only will they stay "fresh" all day long but these pretty flowers can be re-used throughout your house to embellish pillows or clutches. 

These great idea boards demonstrate all the different and creative ways fabric flowers could be used during your big day. 
Feel free to get creative and add buttons or attach name cards for seating assignments. 

Embellish a journal and gift them to your bridesmaids, or reuse the flowers from your wedding to embellish a clutch. 

Thanks to Skip to my Lou, you can learn how to make 11 different fabric flowers here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eventful Wednesday: Welcome to the World Baby Leo

We are so excited to announce a new addition to the Green with Envy family!


Leo Vincent Gerardi 
 born on October 10, 2011 
 7 pounds 11 ounces

Congratulation to Carlee and Steve on this wonderful blessing! He is absolutely stunning and seems like such a sweet little guy; Auntie Laura can't wait to meet him!!

 We wish Carlee and Steve the best of luck and great wishes for a life of happiness and memories with their bundle! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eco-Monday: Who knew Green could taste so good?

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a great chocolate company that also boasts an amazing dedication to green practices. While combining unique organic ingredients to create one-of-a-kind flavors, the company also operates on wind power! Their three factory locations use 100% renewable energy and also implement organic certified practices to ensure that pesticides and other synthetic materials are not released into the environment. On a smaller scale, the packaging used for their products is recyclable and additionally, this year they have made the pledge to use 60% post consumer product. When considering green elements in your next event, use Vosges Haut-Chocolat as favors or gifts for your bridesmaids! -Bon appetit-
Vosges combines unique elements such as bacon, chili powder, sea salt, and flowers with high quality chocolate to make great tasting treats. 



While the name might be misleading, The Mo's Bacon Bar is a great combination of salty and sweet. It's sure to be something your guests would never forget. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Friday: Getting Rustic

It must be this cold weather that has me feeling rustic lately, and lucky for you we are on top of the up and coming trends for rustic weddings! Today we have compiled a few do-it-yourself ideas and overall visuals for how to pull together a fantastic event that will have your guests feeling like they have been taken to the gorgeous countryside. 

these great colors bring in a wonderful sense of warmth and country flare

DIY cake stand: a simple and unique addition to your reception

send your guests home with a great taste of homemade jam that you can personalize with colored fabrics and labels

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eventful Wednesday: Fall Bridal Shows

As wedding planners, we know how stressful it can be sometimes to find all the events and soirees in your area. That's why this Wednesday I have decided to do some of the dirty work for you. There are a ton of great events coming up in the next few months for you soon-to-be brides! If you have never been to a bridal show, they are quite the experience. Rooms filled with vendors, caterers, cake companies, venue representatives, and professionals to answer any question you may have. Haven't found your dress yet? We have provided a few resources for trunk shows as well. So go! Get a great start to your nuptial planning! 

Bridal Show: A Wedding Soiree! Luxury Bridal Show
           Date:  Wednesday October 12th - 6pm until 9pm
        Where:  Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel
                       20 West Baltimore Street Baltimore MD 21201
          Price:  $15.00/ $20 at the door

Bridal Show: Shagun Weddings & Fairview Park Marriott Bridal Expo
            Date: Sunday October 16th - 11am until 6pm
         Where: Fairview Par Marriott
                       3111 Fairview Park Drive
                       Falls Church, VA 22042
            Price: Free Admission

Trunk Show: Bridal Gown Collections by Designer
          Where: Hitched Bridal Couture + Creative Planning Salon
                        1523 Wisconsin Avenue Washington DC 20007
           When: October 28-29 featuring  Amsale
                        November 18-19 featuring Judd Waddell 
                        December 2-3 featuring Anne Barge

Trunk Show: Bridal Gown Collections by Designer
          Where: Carine's Bridal Atelier
                        1726 Wisconsin Ave. NW (2nd floor) Washington DC 20007
           When:  November 10-12 featuring Junko Yoshioka
                         December 8-10 featuring a Rivini

Monday, October 3, 2011

Eco-Monday: A night by candlelight

In addition to the horrible nuisance of running tons of wires to make outdoor lighting work, Christmas lights and outdoor lamps are not always the most eco-friendly route to achieving great ambiance at your event. Candles are a wonderful alternative and add a great sense of elegance. Consider buying candles made from pure bees wax or vegetable oil, which are the best choices when thinking about the environment. If the idea of avoiding orange extensions cords and decreasing your footprint haven't convinced you, check out these gorgeous pictures of different events where candles played a significant role in lighting. Enjoy!

Hanging lights can be whimsical and create a great ambiance

Great addition to a fall inspired tablescape
Try hanging mason jars and add a tea light for a gorgeous candle-lit reception