Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Petals and Waves

I was running along the harbor this afternoon, the feel of the ocean breeze across my face, mesmerized by the varying shades of blue, when it suddenly hit me that I haven't been to the beach, not once, this summer. I know, I know, I'm slightly crazy, but what can I say? I've been busy. However, the water, natural stone colors, and sunny disposition of the day did remind me of Leanne Marshall, last season's winner of Bravo TV's Project Runway. Her winning collection(below) was inspired by water, incorporated a lot of the same hues, and included an innovative petals and waves element into every piece.

I've been a huge fan of hers, and her current Bluefly line, Leanne Marshall for Bluefly, is whimsical and similar in the layers and scallop detail of her Bryant Park show designs. It's also more affordable and eco-friendly! Over half of her designs incorporate sustainable materials, so you not only get to be fashion forward, but also get to show some love for the environment.

How's that for making a splash?

Her Fall 2009 collection, although a bit darker, is still modern, edgy and completely fierce!

Don't despair, you future brides-to-be. Her up-and-coming bridal line offers short, ready-to-wear and custom wedding gowns. And, not only are they designed with tons of architectural pizzaz to really make you stand out on your wedding day, but they are also eco-friendly!
I absolutely applaud this designers desire to show some us some green power, while maintaining modern, yet feminine aesthetics. I cannot wait to see what she'll wow us with for her Spring 2010 collection, and if you are anything like this Green with Envy gal, you'll agree!
xoxo, Laura

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colors and Boots and Converse....Oh My!

One of my favorite fashion trends right now is bright colored shoes! It seems that everywhere you look, people are pairing bold and vibrant colored kicks with just about any outfit.
Although I loved my platinum Manolos I wore at my Wedding, I'm having slight shoe Envy. Daring brides are lifting up their skirts to reveal bright pops of Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple...and even patterns like polka-dots and animal prints.
Love these....
Another quirky, yet adorable trend that I'm seeing a lot of is Converse Wedding Shoes. That's right...Brides and Grooms everywhere are showing up to say their vows and commit their ever-lasting love in Chuck Taylors...just like the ones you had growing up. (Mine were turquoise high-tops:) But don't you can design your own Converse to match your Big Day at!

Ahhhh....Boots! Yes, i said Boots! There are no rules to getting married, except "Be Yourself". I absolutely love the boots in these next few pictures because these gals really let their personalities show though. It's charming and stylish at the same time. If it's done right, it can be amazing!

These Boots are made for Walking.....Down the Aisle!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Safari Soiree

Inspiration. By definition it's the stimulation of the mind or emotion to a high level of feeling or activity. I think that what inspires us is not only constantly changing, but also differs from person to person; some people get inspired by people, some by art, places, music, sex and rock n' roll, a photograph, a conversation...the possibilities for inspiration are endless, really. We've been focusing a lot lately on wedding-related things that inspire us here at Green with Envy, and I wanted to shift gears a bit and talk about an upcoming event that definitely inspires me. This Saturday, my friend, Janine, the founder of the L.A. based non-profit organization, Green Wave, LLC is hosting a fundraiser, Safari Soiree, to benefit children affected by the AIDS epidemic in Dennilton, South Africa.

Green Wave is raising money to sponsor one of the children's homes in NextAid's eco-friendly, sustainable development in this poverty stricken community. NextAid has been working diligently for many years to collectively build and help the people in an area that has been devastated by AIDS. The main center in this community (below right) will be a place where resources can be concentrated, where aid can be efficiently distributed, where environmental education will be emphasized, and where the youth in this village can reach their individual and collective potential.

NextAid has enlisted the resources of many architects and consultants, among them re-known Eco-friendly architect, Joseph F. Kennedy (above left).

So, if you are not doing anything come Saturday night, please stop by CineSpace ($25 cover will get you all you can drink organic cocktails, food, great entertainment and a cirque show), be clawed at by the African Jungle inspired spray-painted models, and get your roar on!

And perhaps along the way, you'll find pieces for your own inspiration. Laura

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honor our Mother Earth...between the sheets

Who doesn't love a nice pair of undies? I mean...we all wear them (well, most of us). With so many lingerie choices out can one ever decide? These are the things we wear closest to our beautiful, yet delicate skin. Well now you can honor your birthday suit with the pure, organic materials that the earth gives us. There are hundreds of earth-friendly options out there that are not only nice to your skin, but nice to our planet as well. Here are a few of my faves...

I absolutely love these sets from On The Inside at You can almost feel the soft and lavish touch of these fabrics. On The Inside uses organic materials and offers you over 100 fabulous items....made with love.
Check out these incredibly romantic panties from Green Knickers out of London. Sarah and Rose of Green Knickers present stylish and completely unique designs for both men and women.

That's right men, even you can protect your privates with earth-friendly confidence.

We love Green Knickers for their complete commitment to Everything Green! This small business is striving to uphold ethical business practices in every way. From using 100% fair trade and organic materials to giving back to their community...this delightful brand is taking Knickers to a whole new level.

For the girly girl, I found these flirtatious sets from another British label, Enamore. They not only design lingerie, they also have Eco-chic clothing and accessories....all made from organic, sustainable and vintage fabrics. I love their charming "pin-up girl" designs and earth-friendly ideals.

And last but certainly not least...I LOVE this sexy bralette and bloomers set from Clare Bare. Clare Bare designs are made by Brooklyn designer Clare Herron. She has dozens of hand-made pieces that make any girl feel naturally beautiful. She uses vintage and Eco-friendly materials to produce enchanting, one-of-a-kind lingerie for passionate women.
Bringing Sexy Back while Saving the Planet!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grandma's Attic

For my wedding in Italy, I had the most beautiful bouquet of black calla lilies I'd ever seen. I loved them so much, I had the crazy idea to send them home with my mother-in-law to be preserved. Of course, somewhere along the 15 hour plane ride, they not only wilted, but molded. And all I could salvage was a 2" strip of ribbon to hopefully give to my daughter someday. While tradition calls for the bride to wear "Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old and Something New"...whatever happened to the Something we can Pass On? Flowers wilt, food gets devoured, our dancing blisters heal, and the night ends. And while the memories are everlasting, I am partial to having something tangible to hold on to (besides my husband!).
So, with the determination to find an heirloom quality bouquet, I came across not only one, but a few different ideas that incorporate sustainable elements sure to last until death do you part.
Using renewable, recycled materials like wool felt and antique vintage buttons from local stores, Princess Lasertron (above) creates everlasting bouquets sure to make your heart skip a beat. Jamball on Etsy (below) also does amazing work using old materials, and incorporates plenty of hand -sewn details for the texture lovers out there.
What about using paper for your bouquet? (recycled, of course!). There are plenty of paper options available, leaving no limit to the imagination. Really Bad Kitty from Etsy does colorful arrangements (bottom left), or for the DIY'ers, there is always the Martha Stewart Paper Bouquet Kit.
Another one of my favorites was incorporating vintage fabrics and lace. I love the idea of using grandma's old dresses to create the bouquet of your dreams. Not only would you be re-purposing those old slips, but also creating a new tradition of your own.

from left to right: Jilliann's, Bedouin and Hapitat

Now, the most unusual sustainable material I found was clay. Yes, Petal by Petal does some intricate, detailed work. Perhaps when you are done, you can take it back and get it fired in the kiln .

It's good to know that there are so many options available to us if we take a minute to look around and re-use/re-purpose things we may already have. So, go ahead and tackle Grandma's attic... it may be full of treasures you never knew existed. Laura