Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Depot

Good morning everyone! I hope that everyone's weekend was eventful and that many of those last minute, around the house projects finally got completed. Speaking of home renovations, I wanted to give props to a company that was recently brought to our attention, Green Depot. Green Depot is a Brooklyn based, national supplier of eco friendly building and living solutions. They are quickly becoming the nation's leading supplier of sustainable building products and services. It's flagship store, recently opened in Manhattan, provides you everything you can dream of to build (or renovate) your own Green Home: help with sourcing eco-friendly contractors, eco-design, flooring and tiling, cleaning and recyling products such as urban composts, zero VOC paints, lighting and gadgets such as solar chargers and panels, and much, much more.

They've established an Icon system to differentiate between the different types of green; air quality, conservations, energy, local and responsbility. This Green Filter helps them select high performance products that are truly green and not just greenwashed, so you can trust you are getting the best pre-selected products out on the market.

I love this company for it's mission to make green living and building solutions accessible, affordable and most of all, gratifying! While they currently only have stores in the East Coast (9 so far), all of their products are available online, and you can be sure they'll be making an impact soon on the West Coast!

Hope you all have a great week, Laura

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