Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strong Green Roots

Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm sitting in my office, working away...listening to one of my favorite groups - The Roots!

I want to take a moment to celebrate this ground-breaking hip-hop group not only for their insane musical talent, but for their strong roots in the Environmental movement!!!! The group hosted a Pre-Grammy Jam & Green Carpet Bash this year, inviting fellow artists and friends to jam with them and raise awareness about green issues. As part of that event, they partnered with youth-focused green group Global Inheritance to promote composting by giving away specially designed and autographed compost bins.


The band members are also animal lovers, working with PETA on a campaign to "Stop the Violence: Go Veg. Even though they hail from Philly, I'm guessing they are not too happy about their newest quarterback...Michael Vick! :)

So today Green with Envy Events is celebrating The Roots! They're one of the best hip hop groups of all time, they're super cool, and they support GREEN! Whats not to LOVE?

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