Friday, January 15, 2010

Make your guests Dream Green with Envy!

Happy Friday everyone! Before the weekend, I had to share with you one of my new favorites, the one-stop shop for anything and everything you need to make your Wedding as Eco-unique as you....Dream Green Weddings Eco-Unique Wedding Boutique.

Founded by green bride Heather Teague from Florida, this website is all about bringing your Dream Green Wedding to life. Not only do they offer tons of useful tips on how to plan your own Green wedding, they have hundreds of Eco-friendly specialities in their Wedding Boutique. Whether you need favors, wedding party gifts, invitations or can find all of it here. And best of all, they are made by only the best environmentally and socially responsible companies. are a few of my faves. Check out these beautiful honeypot luminaries! If I was a bridesmaid, I'd be stoked to get this as a gift!

They also have a huge selection of earth-friendly invitations for any occasion. I absolutely love these plantable seeded invitations with the adorable sparrow. And who says you can't have the best of both worlds...check out this bold colored engagement invitation. Gorgeous and Green!!!

Now you can really let your guests know how important they are with these Eco-friendly favors. These are the gifts that keep on giving!!!! Like this live planted bamboo vase....every time they look at it, they'll think of you!

And I love this idea for place card holders. After they find their name, they can take home this branch display and re-use it as a picture frame. And how genius are these recycled-wood conversation starters? You could even write your favorite quotes or song lyrics, and send your guests home with some daily inspiration.

Another of my faves...Seed Packets (and these are the cutest i've seen). They're sweet, small and you can customize the packet to match your wedding theme. Imagine all your guests running home to plant wildflowers in their garden. The world will be a much greener and beautiful place to live! And now they even offer herb seed packets, so your guests can grow their own organic herb garden. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

Dream Green Weddings is making green wedding planning easier then ever before! As a green event planning company, we are proud to align ourselves with this smart and stylish company. And for some more fun, check out their blog! If you want to make your guests Dream Green with need to visit Dream Green Weddings!

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