Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your own private Tea Little Italy!!!

Hey San Diego, I am so excited to share with you a hidden gem I discovered yesterday in Little Italy. It's the Numero Water Boutique at 1660 India Street. This Japanese water company offers premium natural bottled waters from the beautiful foothills of Mt. Fuji Japan, a region located on the Izu Peninsula and recognized as one of the greatest natural resources in the world.
Numero Water has three varieties of water, each from a different source that creates an exclusive mineral composition. Numero has numbered the waters to showcase the featured mineral attributes each posses.
Numero 29 - Super-hydrating water and the softest of the three waters
Numero 51 - The most replenishing of the three waters which features bicarbonate
Numero 76 - Features metasilicic acid and provides nutritional benefits for healthy skin :)
But it's not just their amazing waters that make this place unique. The boutique has a prime location in the heart of Little Italy. Escape from the hectic whirlwind of your daily life and let the Japanese Spirit at Numero Water Boutique guide you through a tranquil, transformative
You will be captivated by the serene and stylish surroundings as you enjoy some long needed pampering. Along with their beautiful water displays and Zen atmosphere, you can indulge in an entire menu of Spa Services.
Why not treat yourself to a heavenly foot soak, as you watch the bustling Little Italy scenery down below.
And as if that wasn't enough...walk deeper into the boutique and enter the Japanese Tea Lounge, complete with full kitchen, a peaceful and plush seating area, and my fave....a private tea room.
Here you can sample an interesting selection of Japanese Teas, all brewed with the deliciously clean Numero Waters.

If this little piece of heaven sounds like something you'd enjoy...I encourage you to check this place out ASAP!!! And if you fall in love like I did, you can enjoy a monthly membership for only $45/month. This exclusive membership offers you home delivery of the Numero Water of your choice, deep discounts on all spa services, and best of all...a monthly Tea Lounge Membership with complimentary tea service each time you visit. As a member, this quiet space is your private getaway anytime you need. And it's wired for WI-FI, so you could even entertain guests or host a business meeting. Not a bad place to do business, if you ask me! ;-)

And great news!!!! Numero Water Boutique is now available for your next special event. The entire space (or just the tea lounge) can be rented, and transformed to host any event you can dream up. How about a bridal shower, with massages and your own version of High Tea? Or maybe your company party, complete with Tapas and a DJ? Or perhaps you're looking for the perfect place to throw a surprise birthday party? Whatever your vision, Numero Water Boutique will make it happen!

We are in love with this company for their delicious water, beautiful boutique and soothing tea lounge, and to top it all off...their commitment to the environment. Numero Water strives to act as a conscientious community member, as well as have an active role in preserving the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.
So next time you're looking for a place to relax and escape your hectic life, visit the Numero Water Boutique to find a little piece of Japanese Heaven!
Have a peaceful week!

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