Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make your Valentine Green with Envy

Oooohhhh Valentines Day....A celebration of LOVE! And what's not to love? This is a day that's all about showing the ones you love, how special they are with chocolates, hugs & kisses, romance, gifts and lots and lots of CARDS!!! Being in a much Greener State Of Mind then previous years, I did some research to find out just how many cards we give on Valentines Day. Based on statistics from American Greetings Corporation:

~Around a billion Valentines are sent each year globally, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas.

~25 percent of all seasonal cards annually are Valentines.

~One billion cards laid end to end would stretch around the world 5 times! That's a lot of trees.

Valentines Day is big business and as such has the potential to have substantial impact on the environment. Your best option is to send E-cards, which have absolutely no impact on our planet. But I'm a sucker for a good I found a responsible option that I'm so excited to share with you.

Paper Culture is your one-stop shop for Eco-Friendly cards and stationary. This San Francisco Bay Area based company is all about modern stationery with exclusive designs, unparalleled convenience and personalization. And best of all, this company is Green in a HUGE way!!! Their cards and envelopes are produced with 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC certified paper, and their packaging is made from recycled paper with no shrink wrapping. Not only are their products nice to the earth, their company is certified 100% Carbon Neutral!!!

Check out their line of adorable Valentines cards! You can upload your own picture and customize a card for your Valentine(s). And get this - Paper Culture is donating 100% of all proceeds from 2010 Valentine's Day Cards to Haiti Relief!!! I am so in LOVE with this company and all of their are a few of my favorites:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day, filled with lots of LOVE! And hopefully this year you'll make Mother Earth one of your Valentines!


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