Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing ~ My Big Fat Green Wedding

On Valentine’s Day weekend, just before the Crystal Method’s encore performance at a sold out show in L.A., the lights dimmed and a petite blonde was brought onstage. He dropped to his knees with an "I Love You, Baby"…and before any words were lost upon the raucous crowd, she cried YES. And thankfully, someone caught the proposal on video!

Green with Envy Events is so proud to announce the engagement of our dear friends Janine and Ken, two people who inspire everyone around them. They’ve inspired us to embark on a new adventure! Today, we unveil the first of many episodes of The Ultimate Eco-Wedding Project ~ My Big Fat Green Wedding.

The Groom:

Ken Jordan, who lives in Los Angeles and Costa Rica, is a member of the electronic band, The Crystal Method. The Crystal Method was a Grammy Award Nominee for best electronic/dance album for both 2005 and 2010 and have been heralded by the Village Voice as “one of the best electronic acts on Earth”.

The Bride:

Janine Antoinette Johnson, a San Diego native, is the founder of a non-profit organization, “Green Wave”, which serves to create several initiatives of Eco awareness and collaborates with other charities aimed towards making our earth a better place for current and future generations. Janine founded Green Wave based on Gandhi's iconic quote, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". Through this mantra she strives daily to set an example to inspire others through Green Wave and in her personal life. She is also Director of ECO for RAW and A Green Girl Guru for

For personal reasons, Janine and Ken strive to be environmentally and socially responsible in every aspect of their lives. Due to their public/celebrity status, others look to them to set examples, and for such reasons, this wedding will be no exception.

Green with Envy Events has teamed up with Janine and Ken to produce the Ultimate Eco-Celebrity Wedding. However, this will not be your average wedding; it will be a 6 month spectacle of Eco experiences leading up to a full week of My Big Fat Green Wedding.

We will be documenting the entire step-by-step process through weekly updates on our blog and launching a huge media outreach in hopes to initiate a TV series covering the whole journey! And...Richard Bishop, producer of the Henry Rollins Show, has agreed to be a producer on this potential "show".

Join us on our journey through the ups (and downs) of planning The Ultimate Eco Wedding, along with all the comical, stressful, and inspiring moments that come with it. We hope to inspire couples all over the country to consider the earth when planning their big day. Not only will this process bring exposure to hundreds of Green Businesses, it will showcase fun, simple and affordable steps the average person can take towards reducing the overall carbon footprint of their event.

There’s never been a better time or a more perfect couple to do this! Now is the time to make a change and show people that the choices they make can make a positive impact on not only their guests, but also our mother earth.

Please follow our blog to stay updated on our journey to The Ultimate Eco-Wedding!

~Carlee & Laura

Inspired by Green Wave ~ Follow Janine on Twitter @GreenGeisha and Ken @Crystalmethod

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