Friday, March 26, 2010

My Big Fat Green Wedding ~ The Ring & Date Episode

In continuation of our Eco-Wedding Series - My Big Fat Green Wedding - we have a couple important steps to cover today. Choosing THE RING and picking THE DATE! Janine and Ken show us how it's done!

The Eco Friendly Ring: Prior to the actual proposal, Janine and Ken knew that the ring not only had to be perfect, but also had to meet their standards for being environmentally responsible. Their choice of stone had to be sourced fair-trade and conflict-free, so they started looking into options of wood and recycled metals. While they did look at some designs by Brilliant Earth, they ultimately wanted something a little more unique and intimate in design; a ring that would be a direct expression of their creative spirit. In came acclaimed jewelry designer, Liza Shtromberg, one of today’s most respected creators of unique, hand-crafted jewelry.

Liza worked with the eager couple to take one of her original designs and rework it into something even more spectacular. Not only did she go out of her way to make sure every ounce of her metal was 100% recycled, she also meticulously hand hammered the band(s) to perfection. Her knack for evoking the wonder of nature in every piece she creates is remarkable!

The Date:

Don’t go making your flight reservations quite yet, but the couple is leaning towards saying their “I Do’s” the week of September 18-25th. This date is very dear to their hearts! The week of September 18-25th, 2010 is Earthdance week!

For all you novices out there, Earthdance is the Global Festival for Peace. Since its inception, Earthdance has been held in over 500 locations in 80 countries with all events simultaneously joining together in the Prayer for Peace - a powerful moment of coherent intention. The couple wanted to make their purpose known and send a powerful message that it’s important to them for humankind to join together in peace and harmony. Each public Earthdance event also gives 50% of their profits to a designated charity that helps promote the Welfare of Children & Youth, Indigenous People and Culture, International Relief and Development, and organizations that help promote peace.

With the assistance of Green with Envy Events, and with the ever-present inspiration of Green Wave...Janine and Ken are off to a great start!

Stay tuned as we navigate through every step of planning My Big Fat Green Wedding. Next week- Choosing the perfect Eco Friendly Venue!!! You won't want to miss this one!

Your Green with Envy Girls
Carlee & Laura

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