Friday, April 2, 2010

Life is pretty Sweet, isn't it?

I've been on the go a lot this week and with all the miles of walking around the city, my little one has built up quite an appetite. It's so hard to find healthy options for fast lunches-on-the-go when every other corner is a Starbucks, Baja Fresh, McDonald's or another big chain serving a carb filled and heart attack waiting to happen. That's why I got so excited when I ran across a healthy, inspiring, green and sweet alternative...enter SweetGreen.

SweetGreen believes that eating healthy and delicious food should be simple. Food should Fit your wallet, your tastes, your values, your style and your true sense of self; and it should be a mindset of the SweetLife. That state of mind where we are provided with comfort, warmth, freedom, relaxation and discovery. From the decor to the very last detail, they've managed to satisfy all that and much more!

SweetGreen is constantly looking for ways to improve their sustainability methods, and offers all compostable packaging, composting and recycling bins throughout the restaurant, uses local ingredients, and offers for sale sustainable merchandise for you to use upon your next visit, Re-purposing at it's best!

But the most important part? The Food. It's simple salad bar menu is just that, simple and very fresh. They source all of their produce, cheeses and meats from local farms in the DC area, and incorporate seasonal availability into their menu. It's what your body naturally craves as the seasons change, and the less the food has to travel from farm to salad bowl, the better it is for the environment, the community, your body and your taste buds. You can select from a menu of 9 delicious salads, or choose to create your own with the multitude of available options. Such a simple and tasty philosophy, I love it!

And they also do same day catering! It's all fresh and local, and the presentation is not too shabby either! It's so yummy, and leaves you feeling so light, yet full, you won't want to eat those greasy hamburgers ever again!

If you cannot make it to one of their 6 locations throughout DC and surrounding areas, don't fret, because you always have the SweetFlow Mobile. Just follow the SweetFlow Mobile on Twitter and find out where in the city they'll be making the rounds that day, and you too can get some of that inspired goodness!

The Piece de Resistance? Their yogurt. Made with a hint of tartness and live cultures, this all natural and fat free goodness will be just enough to clean out your palette, and it will also put you over the edge and satisfy that SweetSpot craving.

I am so excited about this place; simple, organic, fresh and sweet tasting. Who says you can't have it all? It really can't get any better than that! Have a great weekend everyone. xoxo, Laura

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