Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Water Balloons+Bat=Some Loving Fun in the Sun

I could very easily spend hours, upon hours browsing the blogs and websites of all my favorite photographers. I love getting inspired by a session, and by the emotion, spirit and personality photos are able to relay (and photographers are able to capture) in such a subtle manner. That's why, when I ran across this engagement session, I just had to share it with you.

Photographer Daniel Kiyoi, based out of Los Angeles, did such an amazing job with this engagement session. He knew that the bride and groom, Julie + Matt, were extremely athletic, and wanted the session to be sporadic and full of fun. So, what better way than to have some fun in the sun? They filled 50 water balloons at the park, and ended up playing baseball with them...and the images to show are to-die-for!

I love the loving, yet mischievous expressions on both Julie and Matt's faces. It makes me want to know what they are up to!

And I think this is just too much fun! He looks like he's ready for the water, and she looks like she's having such a blast popping that balloon over his head! But wait, payback time!

Here batter, batter, swing, batter! He really hit that one out of the ballpark! The way the water splashes through the air, and how Daniel captured that, I have no idea, but I love it either way.

And Julie looks like she's concentrating so hard on hitting that water balloon, yet the image is so soft, and there's such an ethereal quality to it; she looks amazing!

I love it! They both look like they had a blast, and the photos really captured their personality. It makes me want to be friends with them; they look like they are such a fun couple to hang out with. Kudos to Daniel Kiyoi, and the bride and groom for doing a one-of-a-kind session! I know their life will be full of love, spontaneity and hopefully, plenty of more water fun!

Have a great day, Laura

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