Monday, June 14, 2010

My Big Fat Green Wedding: Cake, Cupcakes or Petit Fours?

If you are anything like me, it's never too early in the day to deveour sweets. Well, maybe it can be, but it's certainly never too early to think about sweets. With sweets in mind, I am happy to announce that our happy couple decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake and the played-out cupcakes and opted for Petit Fours as their Sweet Display. Not only will there be less waste at the end of the process (have you seen how many pieces of cake are left on the tables, uneaten or with one bite taken?), but since it will be made on-site, it will cut down on gas emissions as well.

Whether they go with a traditional display


something a little more modern and ecclectic

is yet to be decided. Regardless of the decision, it will be all organic and paperless, because who needs the paper Petit Fours sit on when you are just going to immediately pop them in your mouth anyways?

The options for Petit Fours decorations are endless, as well.

Will they have it monogrammed with their initials


perhaps screened with a favorite photo or symbol that signifies their love and commitment for one another?

Whatever they decide, it will surely be a pure reflection of who they are as a couple.

And let's talk flavors! With Petit Fours, the possibilites are practically endless--mouthwatering Caramel Mousse, sweet Tulip, melting Chocolate Fudge or Napoleon just to name a few. Maybe they'll go for a combination of flavors, like many couples who select multiple choices for different tiers in their wedding cakes.

Unlike a traditional wedding cake, where you might have to try 4 slices to sample all the available flavors, with these minitaure versions, you can get sweet satisfaction and a burst of flavor infusion in one small bite-- just pop a couple in your mouth and I'm sure your waistline will thank you for it later!!!

Next up, Invitations!!! Have a great week everyone, Laura

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  1. I've never heard or seen Petit Fours before, but they look so yummy! You really can't go wrong with any style or design of Petit Fours you prefer.