Monday, June 21, 2010

My Big Fat Green Wedding: Invitations! Will you be getting one?

The choice of your wedding stationery is so important; the first impression your guests have of your wedding is formed the minute they open that envelope (or in this case, the email). Ideally, they should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom as well as the style of the wedding. The choices are endless; off the shelf vs. custom design, 100lb paper vs. 130lb vs. recycled paper, lithography vs. letterpress vs. thermography vs. engraving--it can all be overwhelming. But when you find the one, you'll know...kinda like when you find the groom or the dress. You just know.

As soon as our beautiful bride saw designs from The TreeSpace Studio, she just knew she wanted them to design her invites. Amy Tan, the creative mind behind these gorgeous works, specializes in design consultation and custom artwork stationery. Her background in architecture and lifelong love for art really reflects in the designs she creates. Materials mater, and she experiments with all types of unique, sustainable papers, fabrics, natural fibers, even wood and metal, to create something that is individualized for each client. Amy's designs are completely original, and are meticulously designed, hand-painted and crafted by her on beautiful hand-made or sustainable papers.

Here are a couple of samples from other invitations she has designed:

This sample below was inspired by vintage seed packets, for another sustainably conscious bride. The illustrations were completely hand drawn by Amy, and painted by her to reflect the Grow the Love theme of the wedding. They were printed on durable, post-consumer recycled card stock and are actually functional seed packets!

Gorgeous! The color and detail is phenomenal.

And this next set was inspired by vintage travel maps and the couple's gorgeous destination, St. Lucia! I love her use of colors! They just pop right off the page!

And now...let's see what she has designed for our couple!!

Since the couple's palette is inspired by the gorgeous Southern California Sunsets, Amy incorporated amethyst, orange, and hints of green into their digital Engagement Party invite (saves paper!). Amy wanted the overall artwork and design to be fresh, bold and modern, and really reflect the couple's love for nature, the sun, surf and good times! Mission accomplished, don't you agree?

I love how she added the couple's handwritten message, such a personal touch!

As for the Save the Date, the serene blues of the Pacific Ocean are reflected, since the couple is getting married in Big Sur, where views of the sea are to-die-for. Once again, the orange of the sunset is added for that pop of color, and the silhouettes maintain that playful, 'in love', Calfornia, relaxed, vintage feel.

The main invitation design is in the works, but I can't wait to see the final product...I am sure they are going to be beyond lovely! We'll share as soon as they are hot of the digital press!

Please show this local artist some love and visit her website or her Etsy Shop. Have a great weekend! XoXo, Laura


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