Thursday, July 8, 2010

What will you Register for?

Today I'm very excited to share with you a new way to setup your wedding registry with The Green Bride Guide. Their brand new registry system offers hundreds of products for you to choose from...and the best part - They are all GREEN! This dynamic, one-stop shop allows you to furnish your new life with 100% Earth-friendly items! And unlike other registries out there...this site features a variety of different brands, it's easy to use, and they offer FREE carbon neutral shipping! When you enter the shop you have four different ways to shop:

  1. By Category
  2. By Color
  3. By Certification
  4. By Eco-Strategy

Each product gives you a full description of the item, as well as an explanation on how the product was made and why it's Eco-friendly. You can even read reviews by other shoppers!

The Green Bride Guides definition of Green Products are products that are made from environmentally friendly materials or use production processes that reduce the impact on the environment. I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised at how many options they have. You won't need to set up any other registries...The Green Bride Guide has got you covered! Take a look at just a few of the amazing Green items you can register for:

For the Bedroom

For the Bathroom

For the Kitchen

For Entertaining

For the Home

For your Pets

For all you jet-setters out there, The Green Bride Guide now offers custom designed Green Honeymoons through Elevate Destinations, a boutique travel company that specializes in high-quality, philanthropic and Eco-friendly tourism. Being a “responsive honeymooner” does not mean you have to give up style or comfort. All of their green honeymoons include environmentally responsible and luxurious amenities. Aesthetics, amenities, service, and security are never compromised. Enjoy gorgeous Eco-friendly lodging, delicious regional cuisine and comfortable travel accommodations everywhere you go. Your wedding guests will be elated knowing they gave you exactly what you wanted from your honeymoon registry list.

And if giving back is more your style, use the Green Bride Guide's partner - I Do Foundation to set up your charity gift registries! This will ensure that every dollar spent on your wedding gives back. You can use their site to set up registries with stores like Target, REI and - where up to 10% of every purchase will support a worthy cause. You can also use their site to create a charity registry, so guests can give donations in your honor in lieu of gifts. These options are easy win-wins and make a huge difference!

The Green Bride Guide is on online resource for anything and everything you could ever need to plan a Green Wedding! Visit their website to find vendors, tips, planning tools and of course...your Green Wedding Registry! Let the shopping begin!

Have a great weekend everyone! xoCarlee


  1. Thanks for the great post on the Green Bride Guide! We are so glad you like what we are doing. We think your blog is great!

  2. Love the idea of green on a registry. Great post.

  3. Wish the Green Bride Guide had been around for my wedding! Thanks for the post. I love their merchandise. I also found some eco-friendly wedding gift ideas at JCPenney.