Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do It Yourself ~ Wedding Flowers

A few months back, Green with Envy Events made their way to a beautiful, small Massachusetts town for the wedding of Shannon & Chris Boeckelman. This was no ordinary wedding. This was rustic, romantic elegance at it's finest! What made this wedding so extraordinary (other then the amazing bride & groom and their lively friends and family) was the FLOWERS!!!! Our bride Shannon chose to do all the flowers herself. With her amazing artistic vision and our design expertise, we pulled together a stunning floral presentation. And of course...I just have to share it with you. Enjoy!

First step, the bride collected dozens of antique glass bottles (thanks to her uncle) and a bunch of bell jars. How cool are these bottles?

Next up...the flowers. Our bride ordered all of her flowers from This awesome site offers over 2000 flowers choices, at wholesale prices. Delivery is timed perfectly for optimum freshness of your flowers. Shannon and I worked together to choose the perfect combination of flowers. Our inspiration ~ Romantic, Rustic, French, Elegance. I think we nailed it!

The Flowers
  • Chocolate Cosmos
  • Patience Ivory Garden Rose
  • Queen Anne's Lace
  • White Hydrangea
  • Peach Peony Garden Rose
  • Black Dahlias
  • China Berries
  • White Ranunculus

What you'll need: A team of eager-to-help aunts, sisters, and bridesmaids, a bunch of large buckets, lots of stem-cutters & sharp knives, stem stripper, vases, rubber bands, paper towels, ribbon, green floral tape, pearl tipped corsage pins, and a good 5-7 hours to put it all together.

Now you're ready to go. What made these flower arrangements so pretty, was that they looked effortless. Large bunches of hydrangeas, black cosmos, ivory garden roses and china berries went into the bell jars.

A beautiful combination of peach and ivory garden roses, chocolate cosmos, and white ranunculus went into all the antique bottles. How darling are these? Our beautiful bride is getting excited for the big day!!!

Next up, the bouquets. There are tons of DIY wedding bouquet articles all over the web; we like this tutorial from Wedding Bee. For the bouquets, we used all the different flowers and gathered them in a loose, flowing style. Rather then packing them into a tight ball, we had little bunches of china berries hanging out, Queen Anne's lace popping up, and some chocolate cosmos dripping out. They were stunning!

And now...the final product. Check out these next few pictures from the amazing photography husband & wife team of The Goodness. Lisa and Geoff are some of the most talented photographers in the business. And on top of shooting pictures, they also do incredible design work.

I absolutely adore the centerpieces we set up. A combination of 3-4 antique bottles, one bell jar, small votive candles, and a stack of sliced tree trunk (courtesy of Richie, the father-of-the-bride) topped with an adorable acorn with the table number. LOVE!!!!

Thank you to Shannon and Chris for letting us be a part of your big day and congratulations on your marriage! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

As you can see, when you put your thinking caps on, a get a little creative - the result can be breath-taking! We encourage anybody who's in need of flowers to consider doing it yourself. You'll not only save money, but you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Have a wonderful week everyone! xxoo Carlee


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this post. This is really informative. Also, the flowers are really fantastic.

  2. Beautiful wedding flowers. It's really lovely and elegant. Thumbs up!!

  3. I love the lovely bridal bouquet and the exquisite flowers. Any wedding that has floral decors as beautiful as these would be heavenly and magically romantic.