Monday, February 7, 2011

Save energy, water and reduce laundry time!

Our Eco-Monday Tip of the Week:

Have you ever had that morning where you  are in a hurry, you look in your closet and realize a) you didn't pick-up your dry cleaning and b) you forgot to do laundry so you literally  have nothing to wear? If you are a busy mom like me (or even better, have a very full social calendar with tons of commitments), you've had many such mornings. But don't fret, there's a very simple solution, one that can be found in your liquor cabinet.

Using a spritz or two of vodka to freshen up clothes in between laundry loads is a must try!  Vodka kills odor-causing bacteria, but doesn't leave a scent when dry.  Not only is it an easy solution to that hectic morning, but you can reduce the amount of laundry you end up doing, saving time, energy, water and cleaning chemicals (make sure you do a spot-test first to be safe)!
So instead of wearing that hideous sweater you swore you'd  never wear again or doing a rush half load of laundry in the morning, spritz your duds with a little bit of vodka, then hang to dry in a well-ventilated area.

You may even be tempted to start your day with a vodka infused concoction.  If that is your thing, at least make sure it's organic vodka.  Here's a list to get you started!

Happy Monday! xoxo, Laura

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