Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Friday: Design your own Dessert Bar

Have you ever been to a wedding and some how you missed the cake? Or maybe, like my good friend Lexie, you just don't like cake. I have been keeping my eye on some great ideas of how to make the dessert portion of your wedding fun and interactive. The bride and groom can have a blast combining sweet treats from their childhood or take a sophisticated route by classing up some classic elements. Just by adding small baggie or to-go containers you can transform your dessert bar into a customized favor station. 

Have fun tying together the color pallet of your wedding with your unique dessert bar

Chocolate and browns are always great for a groom inspired dessert bar 

I couldn't resist showcasing this GREEN dessert bar

This fun ice cream inspired dessert bar adds some nostalgic bliss

Having a winter wedding?

A warm cookie and milk cocktail anyone?

This just made my heart sing. A hot chocolate bar with assorted toppings

 What a great way to class up an old campfire treat! This dessert bar is truly making s'more for everyone.

xoxo Have a good weekend

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