Monday, November 7, 2011

Eco-Monday: Combining Social Media and Energy Efficiency

During the Sweetlife Festival last year we were given the pleasure of working with OPower. 

This Arlington based company is dedicated to improving the relationships individuals have with their appliances and ultimately aims to decrease the amount of energy and money spent on bills. Recently, I came across a press release that featured OPower's newest development which will combine the use of Facebook and has gained the support of the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

This new app, due to launch at the beginning of next year, is designed so that consumers can keep track of their own power consumption. The inclusion of Facebook allows consumers to compare their energy use online with their friends as well as compete virtually with others to maintain the lowest energy costs. The Natural Resources Defense Council feels confident that by using social-media, people will be less likely to keep their energy use information private and thereby they would become more aware of exactly how they are using their energy. 

The users of this app will be able to compare their energy usage with users from around the nation as well as share tips and ideas about how to cut energy costs and be more eco-friendly. The idea stems from OPower's love for grassroots movements whereby the consumers have the power to influence and change the world around them. Quoted from an article on Earth Easy, "When we feel powerless as individuals to effect any significant change in the face of global threats such as climate change, it's understandable that we ignore or find ways to dismiss the threat. With this new energy-saving application, users can see how their efforts count."

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