Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eventful Wednesday: CityDance Ensemble goes Green

Recently we were given the inside scoop on CityDance Ensemble's newest development, which we are excited to say has a green twist! In partnership with the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County as well as the Music Center at the Strathmore, CityDance Ensemble will be transforming a current dance studio into a state-of-the-art dance theater named BlackBox Theater. This theater is not only unique because it is the first environmentally friendly theater in the DC area, but also because CityDance has formed a partnership with Christopher K. Morgan and Artists to create their first Resident Dance Company.  

1. The entire electrical needs of the BlackBox Theater will be powered by solar energy. In using these solar panels, any surplus electricity that may be generated is instantly returned to the power grid and therefore reduces the overall carbon footprint. 

2. The lighting of the entire theater will utilize LED and High-intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. These HID lamps are unique in that they make more "visible light per unit of electric power cosumed".  

3. The production team has partnered with MechoSystems to bring in a unique shading system that makes a bold commitment to protecting the environment. This system will increase overall energy efficiency by filtering sunlight to decrease the gain of solar heat in the space. By lowering the heat brought into the space, BlackBox Theater can cut their cooling costs and eliminate a decrease the overall carbon footprint.  

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