Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Friday: It's all in the lighting

Nothing to set the right mood than a few great candles. Recently I had been searching for a great unique way to use candlelight without sticking a plain white candle on the table. While it is possible to get a great look with just candles, I found a few ways to dress things up. Even better they are all do-it-yourself activities so you get to let your wild creative side wander for a bit! 

Make your own tealight holders

I really like the translucent nature of these tealight holders. The softness of their glow is really romantic. If you would like the full set of directions, you can find them here.

Lace and twine covered mason jars 

I find these to be gorgeous. They dress up the ever so popular mason jar as well as create a really unique and aesthetically appealing display.

1. You can use mason jars, jam jars, or just about any clear jar you would like to decorate. 
2. Next you will need vintage inspires lace and garden twine, all of which can be found in your 
   local craft or fabric store. 
3. While at the craft store make sure to pick up a bottle of Mod Podge and a foam brush. 
   Apply a light coat to the outside of the jar you are using and then cover the jar in lace.   
   Apply another light layer of Mod Podge onto of the lace (it dries transparent so don't 
   worry!). The same application process would be used with the twine.     

Wine Glass Lamps

1. For this project you will need to by sheets of vellum, which can come from your local craft 
   store or bought online from a paper company. You will also need to print this template for   
   the lamp shade.
2. First trace the lampshade pattern onto your sheet of vellum. When you go to cut it out, it is 
   best to use straight scissors for the two sides, but to add some flare, you can use crafting 
   scissors to cut the bottom curved portion. 
3. Feel free to add in any other decorative elements, whether you use punch outs, apply 
   ribbon, or use a silver sharpie to stencil on designs. 
4. Glue the two straight sides together and allow to dry. Place a tealight in the wine glass, set 
   your lampshade over top and enjoy your new set of lights. 


  1. I am so pleased that you like my lace and twine covered jars (picture 2) but please could you acknowledge the source and link to my blog?
    I'm sure it's just an oversight, but would appreciate this being rectified!
    Many thanks

    1. Absolutely! Sorry about that, as an intern I was new at blogging and definitely will be taking steps to make sure all credit goes to the origin! Thanks so much!