Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honor our Mother Earth...between the sheets

Who doesn't love a nice pair of undies? I mean...we all wear them (well, most of us). With so many lingerie choices out there...how can one ever decide? These are the things we wear closest to our beautiful, yet delicate skin. Well now you can honor your birthday suit with the pure, organic materials that the earth gives us. There are hundreds of earth-friendly options out there that are not only nice to your skin, but nice to our planet as well. Here are a few of my faves...

I absolutely love these sets from On The Inside at Etsy.com. You can almost feel the soft and lavish touch of these fabrics. On The Inside uses organic materials and offers you over 100 fabulous items....made with love.
Check out these incredibly romantic panties from Green Knickers out of London. Sarah and Rose of Green Knickers present stylish and completely unique designs for both men and women.

That's right men, even you can protect your privates with earth-friendly confidence.

We love Green Knickers for their complete commitment to Everything Green! This small business is striving to uphold ethical business practices in every way. From using 100% fair trade and organic materials to giving back to their community...this delightful brand is taking Knickers to a whole new level.

For the girly girl, I found these flirtatious sets from another British label, Enamore. They not only design lingerie, they also have Eco-chic clothing and accessories....all made from organic, sustainable and vintage fabrics. I love their charming "pin-up girl" designs and earth-friendly ideals.

And last but certainly not least...I LOVE this sexy bralette and bloomers set from Clare Bare. Clare Bare designs are made by Brooklyn designer Clare Herron. She has dozens of hand-made pieces that make any girl feel naturally beautiful. She uses vintage and Eco-friendly materials to produce enchanting, one-of-a-kind lingerie for passionate women.
Bringing Sexy Back while Saving the Planet!!!

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