Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Safari Soiree

Inspiration. By definition it's the stimulation of the mind or emotion to a high level of feeling or activity. I think that what inspires us is not only constantly changing, but also differs from person to person; some people get inspired by people, some by art, places, music, sex and rock n' roll, a photograph, a conversation...the possibilities for inspiration are endless, really. We've been focusing a lot lately on wedding-related things that inspire us here at Green with Envy, and I wanted to shift gears a bit and talk about an upcoming event that definitely inspires me. This Saturday, my friend, Janine, the founder of the L.A. based non-profit organization, Green Wave, LLC is hosting a fundraiser, Safari Soiree, to benefit children affected by the AIDS epidemic in Dennilton, South Africa.

Green Wave is raising money to sponsor one of the children's homes in NextAid's eco-friendly, sustainable development in this poverty stricken community. NextAid has been working diligently for many years to collectively build and help the people in an area that has been devastated by AIDS. The main center in this community (below right) will be a place where resources can be concentrated, where aid can be efficiently distributed, where environmental education will be emphasized, and where the youth in this village can reach their individual and collective potential.

NextAid has enlisted the resources of many architects and consultants, among them re-known Eco-friendly architect, Joseph F. Kennedy (above left).

So, if you are not doing anything come Saturday night, please stop by CineSpace ($25 cover will get you all you can drink organic cocktails, food, great entertainment and a cirque show), be clawed at by the African Jungle inspired spray-painted models, and get your roar on!

And perhaps along the way, you'll find pieces for your own inspiration. Laura

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