Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living Scultpures

Keeping up your blog can be a task, a fun task, but nonetheless, a task (especially the busier you get). In order to help me with ideas, I keep a running folder that I fill with inspirational articles, quotes or photos that I find as I'm browsing the web late at night. It's nice to be able to have a place with a collection of fun things to refer back to.

I've had this next artist in my 'book of secrets' for close to a year...and while most of the things I store and ultimately write about tend to be green, this isn't. But with that said,it was just too cool to pass up. And besides, it's 'green' color.

Robert Cannon, creates these amazing life size sculptures with concrete and moss. He calls his work, Terraform, or literally, earth-shaping. I think they are pretty spectacular, and would love, love one in my backyard. Or even in my living room. A girl can keep dreaming.

A modern day bust.

Rodin, Redone.

To be working with concrete, his form and sense of proportion is amazing.

I want the next two in my garden. A soothing waterfall and cozy bench would make any outdoor sitting area more cozy and inviting!

And my favorite. This hanging structure would look amazing in the atrium of a building.

Please check out more of his work, here.

Have a great week, everyone! Xoxo, Laura

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