Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Big Fat Green Wedding: Colors, Flowers and a modern twist...

Your color and flower choices for your wedding say so much about the couple, so it's absolutely crucial to select colors that are a reflection of the two of you . Janine and Ken, from the My Big Fat Green Wedding Series, had done just that (or so they thought). But then they changed their minds! That is okay to do, as long as you clue in your vendors with enough notice to put together your new vision.

In this case, since their centerpieces are being created by the creative bride herself (with collaboration from the Groom's mother), changing the color scheme and flower choices came with ease. Instead of the bright hues of amethysts, oranges and yellows that were to mimic the sunset, the bride realized that she and her groom are well, more mellow and modern. With this in mind, they choose their new scheme of calming hues of greys and yellows.

The greys were inspired by the Dusty Miller Plant, which the groom loves from his backyard. Whether they are potted or placed in orbs, it's full leaves will add plenty of dimension to any arrangement.

As for the touches of yellow, burst of Billy Buttons will not only add plenty of color, but also some great texture.

The other flower that might be found here or there, is called the Silver Brunia, which has a great silver tone to it and is very light and airy to the touch.

The Eco Friendly Sola Moss and Sola Flowers will be incorporated in the shape of Roses and Gardenias and will be the perfect finishing touch (please see Green with Envy's previous post to learn more about these sustainable flowers).

Always remember that with a little imagination, your selections can be something sustainable. Whether or not all of these options are incorporated into the final pieces, thinking and planning ahead will allow this Bride to reuse the arrangements in her home or for her non-profit events, for many years to come!

Have a great week. Xoxo, Laura

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