Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are you the next "Green It Girl"?

Could you be the next "Green It Girl"? Could I?

Well if you don't already need to know about Project Green Search! In their second year, Project Green Search is looking for the next "Green It Girl". Project Green Search is an annual campaign to inspire people to align their careers with their environmental, social, and humanitarian ethics. The competition highlights the brightest personalities interested in a career as an eco-minded model, spokesperson, actor or host, serving as a conduit to connect mission driven talent with sustainable businesses, organizations and entertainment.

Do you have what it takes? They are looking for the woman who wants to take a stand, get noticed, and align her career endeavors with her personal beliefs, to be an advocate for the environment, animal welfare, fair trade, and human rights. She's a model, spokesperson, host, brand ambassador and all around green model citizen for progressive, sustainable, ethical companies, from fashion & beauty to cars & computers.

Season One was a huge success, encouraging Green Women everywhere to stand up and speak out. Check out this dynamic group of 10 finalists! These women are beautiful inside and out...and they're all winners in my mind!

And congratulations to the Season One winner, and fellow Green Girl Guru @ The Green Girls - Rachel Avalon. Rachel is an expert in holistic nutrition, detoxification and eco-living. Through her private sessions, published articles, lectures, local and national shows, and now as the 2009 Project Green Search Winner & Activist, Rachel is raising awareness for sustainability, animal welfare, and social justice everywhere! To learn more about Rachel, visit her website or read her biography and interview at Project Green Search.

The Season 2 Project Green Search entry period, OPEN NOW, ends at midnight on December 31, 2010. Public voting will begin on January 3rd, 2011 and close at midnight on January 10th, 2011. Judges will weigh in on the vote and then 10 finalists will be announced on Monday, January 17th. The finals will take place is Los Angeles, where the finalists will participate in a series of challenges related to developing a career as a model, host, or spokesperson in the sustainable living sphere. And, the winner will receive an amazing prize package, including model/talent agency representation, shopping sprees, beauty make-over, cooking classes, eco-living library of books, professional photography, and tons of features! And...the package is continuing to grow!!! View all the contest details here.

This is a huge opportunity for us Green Women to speak up, get involved, and work together to spread the Green word. I commend Project Green Search for creating such an important contest. Mr. Trump got it all wrong...this is THE REAL MISS AMERICA!!!

Good Luck ladies!!!!

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