Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love is in the Sand...

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate my dear friend, Serena, and her hubby-to-be, Josh as I share their engagement photos and inspiring love story; one that began in a maze of Geico cubicles, softball fields and ended with Love being written in the Sand.

Serena and Josh both work in the Geico claims department. Serena has worked at the SD location for over 7 years, and Josh was a recent transfer from the Virginia office. The lovely bride-to-be is very active and had noticed a "hot, new addition" to their office softball league. From the corner of her eye (and hiding behind her sunnies), she'd observe this new player changing clothes from his tie and shirt combo into something a little more comfortable to run around in. And yes, she'd catch a glimpse of some skin! She mentioned to her friends and good work colleagues, her interest in this new boy with California Tan, and the telephone lines began their work from there. Word got back to Josh, and being the man that he is, he walked by her desk and caught sight of her (from the corner of his eye as well), and immediately liked what he saw.

As fate would have it, a good friend of Serena's ran into Josh a few days later, at a local bar. Putting two and two together, she realized this was "the hot, new addition" Serena had been swooning over, and took it upon her hands to set up a group date. And the rest is Geico history.

Almost a year-to-date of their official courtship, Josh took Serena on a walk to the beach, and proposed.

Moral of the story: Persevere (from the corner of your eye) if you see something you like! Subtleness and a little bit of fate goes a long way!

To my dear friends...Congratulations! We can't wait to help you along the way and be there in the end to celebrate with you.

Thank you to Vaylia Photography for capturing the true love and essence of my good friends. They really are this cute together!

xoxo, Laura

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