Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Year's Resolution - by Blog with Envy

Good morning Blog with Envy readers.  I hope this posting finds all of you happy, healthy, and off to a great start in 2011.  Here at Green with Envy Events, we've made our own New Year's Resolution to blog more and blog less in 2011.  Sound confusing?  Well don't worry, we are going to be making some positive changes around here.  And today I'm excited to tell you about our new weekly format. In efforts to give you MORE exciting tidbits, we will be blogging 3 times every week.  And...we'll be keeping it a lot shorter and a whole lot sweeter.  Here's the plan:

Eco-Mondays - Every Monday we will post a fun piece of Eco-Goodness for you to enjoy.  And there are no restrictions could be anything.  From cool products to exciting Eco-Events, to important Green News...or maybe just a useful tip.  Whatever it is, it will keep you informed and help you expand your inner green goddess (or god?).  


Wedding Wednesdays - If you couldn't tell, we love weddings around here.  And there are so many amazing wedding ideas, companies, blogs, products....etc.  So every Wednesday we will give you some inspiring wedding delight!  But weddings aren't our only specialty...we plan all sorts of events at Green with Envy.  So if it's alright with you, we might slip in some tidbits about the other events we're working on too.

Fun Fridays - We are party planners obviously we love to have fun!  And what's not fun about Friday?  So every Friday we'll send you into your weekend with a little amusement and joy.  Something that will make you smile.  Life is short, and it's our belief that we should have as much fun as we can while we're here.  You only live once, so make the most of it.  And we'll do our best to help you do just that.

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