Monday, February 6, 2012

Eco-Monday: Treat your dog to day?

Let’s admit it, despite their cute smiles and floppy ears, a smelly dog can be kinda embarrassing for any pet owner. Luckily there is Happytails, a canine spa line that is not only healthy for your dog but also healthy for the environment. Their entire line of products is made from all natural ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal for your itchy dog, ordenone (all natural water soluble ingredient) for a smelly dog, and parsley extract for bad breath. 

The company ensures high quality ingredients and excellent customer service so that you can get any product you need for a happy and healthy dog. The bottles they use are made from post-consumer resin and the stickers are from FiberStone, a paperless product which avoids the use of trees. This company really covers the gamut of products any dog could need to treat themselves to a day at the spa.  The site showcases various testimonies, including “What can we say but WOW. We love your products.” 

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