Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Getting green, literally

While we often talk about green weddings, it dawned on me that there was an actual green element we might have been missing...plants! So today is dedicated to incorporating natural lush greens such as succulents, grass, herbs, and vines, to truly make your wedding green. 

These delightful green plants have roots, stems, and leaves that store water to survive long droughts. They make great favors since they require limited amounts of watering and survive for long periods of time when placed in windowsills with great light. Not to mention, they can add a great earthy green tone or even a gray-blue hue to any color pallet. 

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Fresh Herbs:
From thyme to basil, jasmine and mint, herbs add a burst of fragrance and a rustic natural feeling to a tablescape or bouquet. Place them in a silver pot and send them home with your guests to add to their garden or incorporate into dinner next week.

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While outdoor events will naturally have a grass element incorporated, there are other fun ways to use earth's natural blanket. 

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Happy Greening!


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