Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Balsa Wood Flowers are Forever

For all of you who didn't read about this trend in the wedding blogosphere last year...I'd like introduce you to my new favorite Eco-flower ~ The Balsa Wood Flower. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

These little beauties are handmade from tapioca wood peel, also called sola wood, a naturally derived paper product. The sola wood is cut in pieces to make each delicate petal. And best of all, these darling buds aren't alive meaning they won't ever die...making them the perfect Eco-friendly option for your big day! Your Balsa Wood Flowers are yours to treasure forever

After searching for any information I could find on these precious gems, I found one company who has mastered the art of Balsa Wood Flowers. JL Designs Couture Floral & Event Styling has been using them in for a while now, and have accumulated quite the portfolio of stunning bouquets and centerpieces. In fact, almost every single one of these pictures are from them. And as if that wasn't impressive enough, I spent about an hour browsing through the rest of their amazing work! You have to check out JL Designs for your flower and event styling needs! They are located in Orange County, but will travel all over California and their designs are TO DIE FOR!

What I love about these adorable flowers is how versatile they are. You can buy them as single flowers (pictured below) and use them to make just about anything. String them together to make a garland, use them in your bouquet or centerpieces, make a gorgeous accessory to wear, or use them to decorate your home. Their soft, fluffy look will work with just about any style - vintage, beachy or modern. To buy your own Balsa Wood Flowers, visit SaveonCrafts.com.

Balsa Wood Flowers are the perfect option for your Eco-friendly event! And once the party is over, your flowers will live on forever.

Have a great week everyone!


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